Laurie Kimbrel | Community Involvement/Communication

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Community support is an integral component of the success of schools.  Most communities have very high expectations for schools and also desire high quality information and the opportunity for input.  As a superintendent, I led a team that spent a significant amount of time and energy to improve our communication systems to ensure ongoing community support.  Enhancements to our communication included:

  • Parent advisory councils at school and district level
  • A variety of ad hoc community committees including Alternative Program Advisory Committee, Wellness Committee, Citizens Oversight Committees for Bonds
  • Key Communicator Network of over 2,000 community leaders who received regular updates about the district
  • Board meetings at various locations in district to increase public participation
  • Social media presence – superintendent blog, twitter, school Facebook pages
  • Website enhancements and regular updates
  • Video communication and messaging regarding district mission and process of continuous improvement

An investment in communication should be seen as an opportunity to create or maintain the support of the community.  All community members, whether or not they are parents, want to understand how their tax dollars are being spent and how the schools are enhancing the value of the area.


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