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High quality systems seek high quality staff and invest in their development and success.  With the support of the board of education, in my role as a Superintendent, we were able to spend a significant amount of time and financial resources in developing the skills of our staff.  Highlights of our programs included:

  • A two-year new teacher program that consisted of training in curriculum development, high quality instruction and integration of technology. In addition, an experienced teacher mentor was assigned to each new teacher.
  • Instructional Technology Teacher Collaborative. This was a two-year, voluntary program for experienced teachers focused on problem/project based learning and technology integration.  In only three years about 1/3 of our tenured teachers participated in this program.
  • Tam Leadership Collaborative. This group included all administrators and teacher leaders.  Training has focused on developing the skills to facilitate the work of curriculum development and instructional improvement.

The investment in training staff is one of the best that we can make as we seek to improve our schools.  Teachers inherently want to learn and grow and sought a career in education to help others.  Most are eager to participate in development programs that will enhance their skills as professionals.

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