Laurie Kimbrel Tamalpais | Student Achievement is the True Measure of Leadership Success

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The true measure of any superintendent or leadership team should be rooted in student achievement.  As a superintendent, I was fortunate to work in a district that was not only successful but more importantly, engaged in a process of continuous improvement.  State testing and measures showed a continued pattern of increases in student achievement and Advanced Placement passing rates were significantly above state and national averages even as the program continued to grow and access to non-traditional students expanded.  Similarly, student performance on the SAT and ACT measures grew over the seven years of my tenure. Although we celebrated our success, data were used primarily to plan for the future and to improve student outcomes.  If the purpose of a school district is the ensure that every student learns at high levels, then the best way to measure success of the individuals in that system is through student achievement.  When asked how we should be evaluated as leaders, the answer should always be that we should be held accountable for student growth.

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