Character Education Part One

Shared but not written by Laurie Kimbrel

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Character education (CE) is everything that has influences on the characteristics of the students a teacher teaches. Character education is the concentrated effort to help students understand, comprehend and take action on core ethical values.

Character education is portrayed in the way the teacher talks, behaves, the conduct he/she tolerates, which morals and deeds the teacher encourages and the expectations transmitted.

The question is, what sort of values are teachers passing along to their students?

CE remains as an extremely controversial subject, it’s dependent on personal desired outcome. A lot of people including some educators believe that getting children/students to do what they are being told to do is character education.

With this line of thinking, rules get set and imposed and a rewards systems are setup. Punishments are introduced although they produce temporary and limited behavioral changes.

Punishing students as it has been observed does very little to nothing to affect the student’s underlying characteristics. There are other individuals who argue that teachers should focus on creating independent thinkers who commit to moral principles.

Develop students who can do the right thing even when faced with difficult circumstances that demand that they use a different approach to tackle them. CE initiatives can as well be modest and can include one teacher doing several things the right way. Character education can teach students to be elaborate, be inclusive of all and everything that is at their disposal.

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