Project Based Learning Part 2

Shared but not written by Laurie Kimbrel

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In addition, the minds of the children will have a chance to develop in ways parents or teachers never dreamed of. What better way to get a child out of his/her shell than to give them an opportunity to express themselves creatively. The project allows the child to learn about things in a different way. Reading will now become a project in disguise. Many schools use help children learn about books by getting them involved in reading fairs. They develop their own storyboards to express their ideas and views about the books they have read. When a child is given the task of molding a dinosaur out of clay, he/she is given the chance to learn about dinosaur facts. These and other projects are just the beginning of how our children learn. Teachers have better tools to reach young minds by using these hands on approaches to learning. When teachers are better equipped to teach, our children are the winners.

The Finale

Our children are the future for this world. When they learn new things it gives them the chance to create newer and better things. It is important for our children to have the best learning experiences of their lives. Children are at their best when they are being creative. Schools that adopt the project based learning concept can be proud that they have shaped these young minds of our future. An innovative world starts with a creative mind.

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