Character Education Part Two

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Character Education Holistic Approach

A lot of people suggest that the best way to implement CE is through holistic approach or an approach that incorporates character development in each aspect of the student’s school life. Several characteristics of the holistic approach are as follows:

  • Everything in the school gets set to student, staff and community relationship development.
  • The school is a caring hub for learners who access a solid bond that connects students, staff and the school.
  • Social and emotional learning is encouraged in the same enthusiastic style academic learning is emphasized.
  • The collaboration and the cooperation amongst students are sensitized over competition.
  • Values including respect, fairness and honesty are everyday lessons that are taught inside and outside the classroom.
  • Classroom management and discipline are fostered together to champion problem­solving platforms as opposed to a rewards and punishment module.

The Benefits of Character Education

Fortunately, character education is not just centered on an all or nothing enterprise; there is plenty that teachers do to grant meaningful character building experiences to their students.

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