The goal of learning is transfer or application of knowledge to a unique context Part 2

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What are some examples of “transfer of learning” and how might a teacher go about practicing this with her students?

Follow up Teachers can provide opportunities for practicing transfer without explicitly letting students know what is happening.  For example, they may ask a student to write an essay after having studied and practiced several essay writing techniques and use of graphic organizers.  The teacher makes no mention of techniques at the time of assigning.  Afterwards, the teacher can ask students what techniques they used (if any) and why they chose them.  This moves students towards the ability to judge and make decisions about what knowledge and experiences to transfer and when.

Make it their own By rephrasing, recreating or somehow re-presenting information, students are able to memorize and use the knowledge more flexibly.  This means they have a better chance at transferring the information.

Transferring knowledge should be the goal of every teacher and educator.  It should be something very much a part of lesson planning and prioritized in class time.  Students are benefited greatly by learning how to manipulate and use the knowledge they work so hard to attain in new and different situations.

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