Laurie Kimbrel Tamalpais | Thank You, Grant Wiggins

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Seeing Jay McTigue at the ASCD Conference on Teaching Excellence simultaneously reminded me of the wonderful body of work of his colleague, Grant Wiggins and saddened me that with his passing, the landscape of education research has forever changed.  Grant Wiggins was one of my first inspirations in the field of education and his work with Jay McTigue on the Understanding by Design framework transformed the way I thought about curriculum as both a teacher and administrator.  Because of my personal level of belief in the efficacy of starting with the end in mind and the goal of transfer of knowledge, when I taught graduate level courses in curriculum development, I required “Understanding by Design” as the mandatory reading.  It was also the basis for the coursework.

In later years, many of my colleagues and I faithfully made time to read Grant’s blog.  In fact, his was one of the few that I regularly followed.  His willingness to take on any topic and to respectfully but strongly disagree with some of the most prominent figures made my admiration for him grow.   I will truly miss Grant’s blog and his regular contributions to the field of education.  I will remember him as one of the most forward thinking researchers the field and someone who changed education for the better.  Thank you Dr. Wiggins.

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